Leasing is nothing like buying. It's a lot easier.

Fear not. There are no voodoo ceremonies or convoluted contracts to complete when leasing a car. Here's how it works: Morrie's will ask you a few basic questions and we'll explain all the numbers so everything makes perfect sense. That's important, because the more you know, the better you feel about leasing.

Questions Morrie's asks:

How many miles do you drive a year?

Would you prefer a 2- or 3-year lease?

Are you interested in wear coverage?

After the lease is up, you'll bring the car back to Morrie's and we'll tidy up the details. If your vehicle is worth more than the pre-valued amount, you'll get the difference to put toward a new lease or tuck into your pocket. If the vehicle is worth less than forecasted, Morrie's will take the loss, not you. You can choose to buy the vehicle if you liked it or Morrie's will be happy to lease you a brand new model – perhaps one that better suits your needs and tastes. We'll also check things like miles and damage to make sure everything is within the parameters of the lease agreement. If not, it's usually pretty easy to sort out and settle – especially if you included the wear coverage at the lease inception.

That's it. That's leasing.